High school students gather at PSU for HOSA conference


High school students from all corners of Kansas gathered at Pittsburg State today for the Health Occupations Students of America conference.

The HOSA conference is a way for young adults to showcase their interest in the medical field.

The Health Occupations Students of America conference brought in more than 300 students to the Pitt State campus. Giving them the opportunity to hear the experiences of medical professionals as well as showcase their own talent in the medical field.

“I have kids that are competing in CERT skills, nurse assistant skills, home health aid, biomedical debate. Just a broad range. I think I have students competing in 50 different areas,” says Stuart Perez.

And weeks of preparations went into today’s event. Pittsburg High School students will be competing in about 50 different competitions today and their teacher says he could not be more proud of their ambition.

“It doesn’t surprise me that this is the group that is able to do that. They’re very motivated, this is their interest. If not all of them, most of them are interested in a healthcare career. And I can see them doing that,” says Stuart Perez.

And one student in particular sticks out of the bunch. Kordon Johns, a junior at Pittsburg High School says the conference has made her hopeful for her future.

“It’s actually really helped me a lot. And so it’s just furthered on what I want to do with my life,” says Kordon Johns.

Students that participated in competitions after the conference went head to head against others to see who was the best at each procedure. Those that ranked highest will have the opportunity to go to the international HOSA leadership conference in Orlando in June.

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