NEVADA, Mo. — High school welders from across the nation are competing this week in Nevada.

Austin Louk, Missouri Welding Institute Student, said, “The tuition is kind of high, but the one thousand dollars off just for coming is definitely an incentive.”

Hundreds of high school students across eight states will have competed in the 10th annual Missouri Welding Competition by Friday afternoon.

Students had 90 minutes to complete a weld properly.

Brian Hollands, Missouri Welding Institute Owner, said, “They have to read a welding blue print and anything that they do has to follow that blue print exactly and if they weld something out of order, use an incorrect electrode, or don’t put it in the proper position to weld it in, they’ll be disqualified.”

Out of hundreds competing, ten walked away with prizes.

And all who competed, received a $1,000 scholarship to the welding institute.

“The first place winner will win a full scholarship and a Lincoln Welder. The second place will win a half scholarship and a Victor Journeymen Torch Cutting Set. Third place will get a quarter scholarship and it just goes on down the line.”

This annual competition gives high school students a chance to tour the welding facility and think about what they want to do with their careers.

The Missouri Welding Institute offers an 18 week master pipe welding and fitting program and students say they feel prepared because of the experienced instructors.

Reece Kimbell, Missouri Welding Institute Student, said, “All the instructors here have you know field experience. They’ve been out. They’ve done this stuff before. They know what it’s like. They’ve been through this program, so they know exactly how it can better you for your career.”