Higdon’s Florist busy as ever for Valentine’s Day


JOPLIN, Mo. — If you haven’t already gotten flowers for your valentine – you’re cutting it pretty close. However – there’s a family that’s more than willing to help.

With the exception of Mother’s Day, no other holiday is busier for florists than Valentine’s Day. Which means you’ll find every member of the Hoopai clan putting in long hours this week at Higdon’s Florist, where it’s truly a family affair.

Larissa Hoopai, Floral Designer, Higdon’s Florist, said, “Yes, very much so, even our dogs are here, depending upon how many orders we have, how many people we have walking in and also if we’re able to push everything out on time, so yeah, there’s a lot of different things that come into play with the hours, definitely a lot more than a normal week.”

Her mom is also working inside the store as well as her brother who’s in town just to help out. And her father Lance is out delivering. But he says this year is different than most.

“It’s unlike any other Valentine’s Day we’ve had in the past, the weather makes it very channeling besides the cold, we’ve also had to deal with the side roads which are very icy which makes it very difficult for the delivery drivers to go out.”

And the cold temperatures means one extra step before the arrangements hit the Winter air.

“When the weather gets to a certain point, there is the danger of the flowers freezing so what we do is wrap it in plastic to keep the warmth inside so the pedals don’t shatter.”

One of his deliveries was to Brittany Legwold, a teacher at Thomas Jefferson, she says they’re an annual tradition from her fiancée.

Brittany Legwold, Flower Recipient, said, “It’s a really nice gesture, kind of silly, we he always sends them to my work cause my cats like to eat them at home, Gerber Daisies are my favorite.”

That reaction makes all the hard work and hours worth while for the Hoopai family.

“Yeah, a lot of them have really good reactions so it’s super encouraging for us as designers to see that and then also it’s a fun environment in here to because everyone kind of works together and we work to make sure we have the right colors and flowers and of course when someone is happy, that’s like the cherry on top so it’s definitely a good environment,” said Hoopai.

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