After months of public criticism and private squabbles, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says it is time for Congress and the White House to find common ground and move the country forward.      

Pelosi and President Trump are at odds on most public policy initiatives, including border security, but, in an interview focused on Celebrating Women, Pelosi says House Democrats and the White House can be unified on some big issues, if they could just find a way to respect each other.
Within days of picking up the gavel, Nancy Pelosi was swinging the hammer. In a now-famous Oval Office border security meeting, the President questioned her leadership, and she questioned his veracity.
Pelosi says, “I really did not want to contradict him and just say what you are saying isn’t true over and over and over again.  Thats why I said, ‘Why are we doing this in public when we have to tell you that what you are saying isn’t true?’ It has no basis in fact evidence data and so do this privately, so we don’t have to lose face for you.”
She continues, “What hit home, literally and figuratively, for women was when he was trying to mischaracterize me and I said, ‘Mr. President, don’t characterize the strength, the leadership, that I bring here representing the House Democrats.’ That was, sort of, the shot heard ’round the world for lack of a better term.” 
Pelosi, who is a frequent target of the far right, says she is still in Congress because Donald Trump is in the White House. A victory for Hillary Clinton would have meant Pelosi could retire knowing initiatives, like the Affordable Care Act, were secure. 
When asked more in depth about Hillary Clinton’s loss and how that night affected her, Pelosi says, “It was like getting kicked in the back by a mule constantly.  It was physical. It was so unbelieveable that not only would Hillary Clinton not succeed in winning, but Donald Trump would be President of the United States. I thought that was just impossible to happen, but it did and he is the President and we have to work with him to get results for the American people.”
Pelosi, a mother of five, says she went from kitchen to Congress because it bothered her that one in five children in America lived in poverty. It’s an issue still vital to women.. 
Nancy pelosi says: “its really important for us to have women at the table. Not only for what they bring but for what they inspire in other women. So it’s important when women succeed, america succeeds
When she was first elected to congress in 1987, Democrats had only about a dozen women in Congress. This year there are 91, and she says she wants to continue to build on that.