Hidden History: Gip’s Place


It’s not everyday you get to meet a living legend. Alabama’s Hidden History takes us to Bessemer, Alabama where Henry Gipson has been inviting people to join him at his home on Saturday’s since 1952.

“Something that just comes over you. You feel the spirit of love out here. You can’t explain it. We’re in Bessemer Alabama. A Juke joint is for people who want to come together and listen to the music. My name is Diane Guyton and this is Gip’s Place. Henry Gipson. He’s got more energy than I got. He’s 98 and he still goes,” says Dianne Guyton, Gip’s Manager.

“I’ve been booking the bands here for four years. Gip started this place in 1952. He was originally to do baseball field for the kids, but he played music and they wanted to play music. Everybody’s is one. He don’t see color. You gotta meet him to know him and appreciate this place and to love it. I do it for no money. I do it cause I love it. Makes my soul happy. Everyone needs to try cause if you come once, you’ll come again,” she says.

“To everyone. God Bless,” says Henry Gipson, Owner Gip’s Place.

Hidden History, a celebration of black history, is sponsored by Missouri Southern State University.

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