Healthcare Spotlight: Leadership and teamwork at Freeman Health System


JOPLIN, Mo. — Two nurses at Freeman Health System are going above and beyond to make sure patients get the care they need. Action 12’s Gretchen Bolander has more in tonight’s “Healthcare Spotlight.”

“I love the hospital setting. I love taking care of patients. I love everything about it,” said Kaleb Schlessman, Freeman Dir. ICU, CVICU & Telemetry.

And Kaleb Schlessman says that makes going to work a lot easier. It all started years ago as a nurse tech. He went from cardiology to the ICU and a position as a charge nurse.

“Since then leadership has been my passion. I have applied for a master’s in business administration. So my feature is any anything in administration,” said Schlessman.

He likes his role in growing a stronger workplace – and making patients healthier. Schlessman is now the director of the ICU, CVICU and Telemetry. He goes above and beyond, much like co-worker Nathan Cantrell. He’s built quite the healthcare resume at Freeman Health System, everything from patient transporter to the now Director of Transitional Care, Cardiac Medical Unit and the Infusion Center.

“Once I got plugged into it, seeing how the directors had an impact on the bedside staff was something that was really appealing to me. So to have the opportunity to do something like that was awesome,” said Nathan Cantrell, Freeman Dir. Transitional Care, Cardiac Medical Unit & Infusion Ctr.

Both Cantrell and Schlessman say teamwork is one of the keys to success on the job and good patient outcomes.

“Teamwork is huge – no matter what our profession, without teamwork you’re not going to operate functionally. Here, teamwork increases patient safety,” said Schlessman.

“I think it’s paramount. I don’t think there’s any other way to do it than to be a team oriented leader,” said Cantrell.

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