Mental health professionals prescribing more anti-anxiety medication due to pandemic


JOPLIN, Mo. — Mental health professionals are saying because of the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve been prescribing larger amounts of anti-anxiety medication to their patients.

This comes in an effort to minimize the amount of times patients would have to go to the pharmacy to get their medications.

This change also brings the risk of becoming addicted to medication.

Mental health experts say they are working diligently to do wellness checks over the phone for their patients during this time.

Del Camp, Chief Clinical Officer, Ozark Center, says, “Often times, it was the physician that had to make the decision about what to do with the medication. The client didn’t come to us and ask for several refills, but in the interest of safety, that was really the only option. It isn’t as though we’ve really reduced the amount of appointments, so we were able to monitor folks safely.”

Camp adds mental health professionals always consider non-medication options for patients before making suggestions for medication.

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