The Governor of Missouri says he has signed the budget for next fiscal year for the state

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MISSOURI — The Governor of Missouri says he has signed the budget for next fiscal year for the state – but with nearly $ 11 million of restrictions due to the impact of the coronavirus.

Back in May – during what was a very different legislative session – lawmakers passed a $35.2 billion budget – Tuesday the Governor signed that budget – but also vetoed other items worth $11 million due to the impact of the COVID-19

Governor Parson, said, “When COVID-19 hit Missouri in March everything changed including our state budget.”

After months of uncertainty and economic impacts across Missouri – the state has a budget for next fiscal year – but not without restrictions.

“We expect to hit almost $1 billion below what we forecasted in January.”

The $35.3 billion dollar budget includes $10 billion in general revenue –

“As we addressed our budget projections we left no agency division or program out of review.”

Parson did not say which programs or agencies would be restricted – but K-12 education and higher education will receive the same funding as they did last year.

Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick, said, “The working group is going to focus on ways to find support for those programs and those agencies facing cuts and ways to assist the tourism industry as well as a way to provide utilities to those who are facing shut off’s.”

Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick says the state received $2.4 billion dollars in federal covid relief funds

“What might not feel like it right now Missouri is actually in a much stronger position than many other states across the country.”

Parson says – the state is still in a better standing then what he expected.

“In the middle of May and the first part of June we thought this would be worse than what it is,” said Parson.

As Missouri hits the mark of more than 1,000 deaths related to COVID 19 – the Governor says he has no plan to implement a face mask ordinance across the state.

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