Several Kansas schools already halting fall sports

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KANSAS — Practice kicked off this week for many high schools sports in Kansas, but some teams are coming to a stop already.

Wichita has joined Kansas City Public Schools as the latest district to get rid of Fall sports because of the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this week, Topeka Public Schools cancelled it’s first week of football games.

Bill Faflick, Executive Director, KSHSAA, said, “The vast majority of our state is still participating but our urban, suburban areas are struggling now, but that’s where the health crisis is really at the most significant impact.”

Those decisions are affecting the teams within the school district and teams that aren’t. Some teams will now have open dates on their schedules and athletic directors could be looking to make up games.

This will cause some teams to finish the season with a different number of games played than others. That can impact the playoffs – but Kansas State High School Activities Associations officials say they will work that out when the times comes – right now it’s about giving students the chance to compete against one another.

“It’s going to be a little bit start and stop, we’d like it to be continuous but bottom-line is we’ll play when we can, when it’s appropriate to play. When it’s not appropriate then there’s not problem in hitting the pause button and resuming when it’s safe to do so.”

KSHSAA says it doesn’t have a minimum number of games schools have to play.

Officials say precautions like wearing masks, practicing in smaller groups, and playing teams that are located close to each other should help prevent major spreading and the lessen the chance of cancelling the entire season.

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