Seven Pittsburg Fire Fighters test positive for covid-19

Joplin Area Coronavirus

PITTSBURG, Ks. — The city of Pittsburg says seven fire fighters have tested positive for covid-19.

They were not all working at the same station.

The department has a total of 32 employees.

Others who have come in contact with these individuals, but tested negative, are being monitored.

City leaders say this is a very fluid situation and they encouraging the fire department to do what they can to prevent any further spread.

Daron Hall, City Manager, Pittsburg, said, “They are required to wear their masks out in public. Within the station they don’t have their masks on when their in their unit, but outside, absolutely washing their hands. The stations are cleaned on a regular basis. They all take their temperature twice a day, it’s pretty rigorous what we’re going through to make sure that we don’t spread it.”

Some of those who tested positive were symptomatic, they are now all in quarantine.

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