Parenting During A Pandemic

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Even without a major health crisis, raising children these days is no easy task.

But the covid-19 crisis has made it an even bigger challenge.

The Alliance of Southwest Missouri is trying to help by offering a Zoom presentation called, Parenting During A Pandemic.

Executive Director Jen Black says it’s part-class, and part-support group.

Jen Black, Executive Director, Alliance of Southwest Missouri, said, “Different tools parents can use to make sure they’re keeping connected and engaged with kids whether it be ideas playing a game or going on a walk or something like that to a manage stress and how to talk about fear during this time.”

Parenting during a pandemic is a free, ten week Zoom event.

For more information on when the next session of the program starts, follow the link below.

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