Ottawa County working to protect inmates from covid-19

Joplin Area Coronavirus

OTTAWA COUNTY, Ok. — The Ottawa County Jail is taking special precautions with its inmates to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Any inmate that is brought into the jail has their temperature taken.

Then they are asked a series of questions through a medical survey.

Officials are checking to make sure they are not showing any signs affiliated with covid-19.

If that person isn’t experiencing any symptoms they will be allowed to enter the jail.

Jeremy Floyd, Ottawa Co. Sheriff, said, “We are keeping those folks segregated or quarantined from the folks that’s been here for a certain amount of time. Depending on if they bond out or any of that situation. But if they are here we will probably keep them probably segregated for up to 14 days.”

After the 14 days is over, the inmates will be moved back to the general population.

Sheriff Floyd says they have a lower number of inmates they are housing, as a result of last October’s fire.

Due to that, they have room to offer these additional safety measures right now amid the epidemic.

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