One local church is helping people shelter in place

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JOPLIN, Mo. — A local church is making it possible for some people to shelter in place.

Most of us take the process of sheltering in place, in our own place for granted.

Not so for Sean Moore

Sean Moore, God’s Resort Resort Resident, said, “I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and I’d run away and I was running back to him and this is the way I chose to do it and the way he lead me to do it.”

Moore had struggled with drug abuse much of his adult life.

But he credits God’s Resort with helping him to turn his life around, providing him with a temporary place to call his own.

Executive Director Jay St. Clair explains what God’s Resort is.

Jay St. Clair, Executive Director, God’s Resort, said, “Transitional relational housing ministry, so we just help people find community to get where they couldn’t get without a group of people around them and a community that really seeks to support and encourage and help them uh transition to a better life.”

The ministry already has 30 housing units for single people and or married couples with ten more on the way.

Five of which will be located inside this five-plex under construction.

As is tradition with God’s Resort housing units, today was a framing dedication.

“We want them to be blessed in every way, so we’re just writing scriptures and prayers all over the studs, all over the walls just as an understanding that these people are going to be coming into a community that’s really centered around the blessing of Jesus and the blessing of the Lord.”

This unit behind me as well as a similar one just down the street should be ready for occupancy later this summer.

And Moore was more than happy to take part in the framing dedication, and can’t wait to start ministering to whomever moves in.

“Because it’s working, it’s working, it’s uh, it’s very good, we’re seeing lives changed here, lives are being regenerated,” said Moore.

The ministry relies on donations in order to continue their mission.

To support them follow the link below.

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