OK enters phase three of reopening plan

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OKLAHOMA — The state of Oklahoma enters the third and final phase of its reopening and recovery plan today

Dean Kruitof, City Manager, Miami, said, “What it means is more ability to go into a restaurant, you can go into a fast food place. People still need to be careful, we still want people to socially distance, we still want to be aware that we’re not through the pandemic yet but it’s just basically starting to get back to normal.”

Schools, churches, and businesses can all reopen in phase three of the Oklahoma reopening and recovery plan.

Mimi Summers with Zack’s Cafe in Miami says now they can really get the local economy going again.

Mimi Summers, Front of House Manager, Zack’s Cafe, said “Our employees are now back to work, able to pay their bills, getting back to some scene of normalcy.”

The state plan allows each community to create and practice its own safety guidelines as they believe fit for the current situation.

Being in a smaller community like Miami, locals are happy to take charge in how they plan on moving through the pandemic.

“Unless you have a clear and present danger in your county. You need to deal with something, it’s much easier for the public to understand, if I have to these restrictions in Miami, there also the same restrictions in Commerce and Afton and Fairland and our entire region. So, it helps to be able to do that,” said Kruitof.

“Each individual business has a different way that they want to do things. We still have businesses here that haven’t opened back up yet, due to the fact that A) most of their employees or even the owners are high risk. So I think it’s great that their letting each county, each town, each business open when they feel comfortable,” said Summer.

The state of Oklahoma currently has more than 6,500 cases of covid-19.

More than 5,500 individuals have recovered and 334 have died from the illness.

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