Nevada will not open its pool for the 2020 swimming season

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NEVADA, Mo. — The city of Nevada will not open its pool for the 2020 swimming season.

The decision to keep the Walton Pool closed for the season came after input by the City Council, Park Board, Parents, and Pool Staff.

After reviewing the CDC health guidelines on how to enforce personal distancing, limiting occupancy and the staff training it would take to reopen, city leaders say it seemed unreasonable to ask high school aged staff to take on the responsibility of enforcement and put their own health at risk.

Kevin Crump, Nevada Parks and Recreation Director, said, “In good conscience I don’t want to put people at risk, and if somebody can’t tell me I won’t be doing that by opening the pool, then okay. But without that I can’t really I have to go on what my gut tells me, and my gut tells me to close that pool just to make sure that the patrons were safe.”

Crump says he hopes residents will continue to make use of the parks and trails in town, and the playgrounds should they be opened.

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