Miami Good Neighbors Project provides free food

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MIAMI, Ok. — A local organization continues to feed their fellow residents.

Members of a group called the Miami Good Neighbors Project have been providing free food for people in need since mid March thanks to food and monetary donations.

By mid May, the same group was able to secure groceries from the farmers to families program from the USDA.

From May to July alone, the amount of food they’ve provided for residents in need is staggering.

Rick Aldridge, C.E.O., Oklahoma Emergency Response Team, said, “134 tons of chicken and that chicken was everything from boneless, skinless chicken breasts to a really crazy one people loved was the diced chicken, and they still ask for that, 412 tons of produce, 70 tons of dairy product, 48 thousand gallons of milk.”

Aldridge says the operation wouldn’t be able to do what they do without the help of local businesses like J and M Farms.

They’ve provided equipment.

And volunteers from the Ottawa County Boys and Girls Club and Quapaw Casino have also helped.

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