Labette Health administration taking pay cuts to ensure exceptional patient care

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LABETTE COUNTY, Ks. — Leaders at Labette Health are using their resources to continue providing expceptional patient care.

Brian Williams, President and CEO Labette Health, said, “I think you should start with the leadership and we should do our level best to insulate and protect our staff for as long as we can.”

Labette Health’s administration are reducing their pay by 20%, suspending pending bonuses, and donating 80 hours of paid time off to the hospital.

“We’re 100% focused on patient care and patient safety and conserving personal protective equipment resources, blood resources, so analagous to that, we have to begin to look at preserving other resources, and other resources are cash.”

Hospital President Brian Williams estimates it will save nearly $345,000.

“Our payroll is $1.4 million per pay period, we have two pay periods normally in a month, so that’s $2.8 million.”

The money will be used to pay staff, allowing them to better respond to the covid-19 pandemic.

Kathi Mckinney, Vice President of Nursing, said, “You see them pulling together and working together as a team and we’re real proud of that.”

The hospital has converted its diabetes center into a fever center, where potential cases can be checked.

Due to the outbreak, the hospital has seen almost a 50% decrease in patients.

“It’s really a change for us to have the reduced number of patients but I believe for patients safety, you want patients in the hospital that really need to be here.”

“What you do in healthcare is you plan for the worst and hope for the best and that’s what professionals do and that’s our responsibility to the public,” said Williams.

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