KDHE projects April 24th as date when covid-19 cases will begin to decrease

Joplin Area Coronavirus

TOPEKA, Ks. — KDHE Secretary says projections are looking like the outbreak will continue to rise in Kansas for another four weeks.

April 24th is the date health officials are looking at where numbers could start to decrease.

He says the total number of cases in the state could be about a thousand by then.

Secretary Doctor Lee Norman says the state is learning from how other states are handling large outbreaks like in Washington and New York.

Dr. Lee Norman, said, “We’re getting a better feeling for how is this disease acting, what are the spread dynamics, and then importantly what do we do about it.”

Norman says the department is still looking to get more tests and protective equipment like masks, gowns, and gloves from the federal government and private manufacturers.

He also says people must remain vigilant and numbers will eventually go down.

Secretary Norman says it’s important to keep spreading the message that social distancing works.

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