Joplin Parks remain open, pavilion reservations canceled

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin city parks will remain open to the public, but all pavilion reservations are canceled.

Cities across the country are closing their parks because the equipment can be hard to clean.

All parks with remain open but shelter reservations are canceled until April 3rd.

The City Health Department and City Manager are the decision-making body so right now, all parks are open.

Paul Bloomberg, Joplin Director Of Parks And Recreation, said, “Right now, that’s something that other communities have started. I feel that right now on our end, we want to educate people. We have signage everywhere to remind everyone to follow that 10-6 rule that we put in place. But I’m not saying that can’t happen. But right now we’re operating with that 10-6 rule in place.”

Bloomberg says at this time shelter reservations are being taken for future dates past April 3rd, but as things change, those events may be canceled as well.

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