Joplin coaches get creative on ways to provide workouts for students amid COVID-19 precautions

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JOPLIN, Mo. — When gyms and schools are closed, who can students turn to for workout ideas or other ways of staying fit? Joplin High School head football coach Curtis Jasper is already one step ahead.

“Some of that creativity has been fun,” Jasper said. “We have the RTS challenge every year, raise the standard challenge for our football players, and so our guys have been texting me, ‘How are we going to do that this year if we’re not in school?’ And so as coaches we came together, we created an idea where each day we’re going to pick an exercise of the day.”

The no gym, no problem movement has stretched among Joplin students and beyond.

These workouts can be found on Jasper’s social media pages, and from there students everywhere have taken it upon themselves to share videos. Some clips have even been picked up by other outlets.

“For our kids, you know, we want to make sure they’re moving, staying active,” Jasper said. “It may not be in person but they can see each other on video working out and continuing to improve.”

If you’re looking for a day off, you won’t find it here. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor Joplin coaches are leading the charge, keeping students active and connected.

“We saw some of the elementaries do the neighborhood parades, the car parades, and this is kind of our version of that where we want our guys to know, we’re here, we’re with them,” Jasper said, “And yeah we can’t get to be around each other at this point in time, but we’re still together.”

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