Governor Parson mobilizes National Guard due to covid-19

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri Governor Mike Parson mobilizes the state’s National Guard.

He signed the executive order this morning.

We learned more about what those service members will be doing from the Governor’s daily briefing this afternoon.

The Governor continued to stress the need for social distancing he said the more everyone reduces their contact with others, the sooner covid-19 will be contained.

The Governor said his decision to mobilize the guard will help with the coordinated effort to stop the spread of covid-19.

He cited how the guard has responded during flooding situations.

He said the guard can quickly get resources to parts of the state that need them.

The Missouri Health Net Director said hospitals are taking steps like cancelling elective procedures to maximize the number of beds that could be needed.

The health director said the state is now seeing about a 10% rate of positives for those being tested.

He said the rate initially about six percent.

The Governor did want to offer some assurances about what the guard will not be doing.

Gov. Mike Parson, said, “This is not about putting Missouri under martial law. This is a planning stage operation. To provide more assistance to Missourians and to increase our capacity to deploy resources quickly. The guard will play a major role in supporting state and local communities. Including, The potential support of covid-19 testing and transporting equipment and supplies.”

Brigadier General Levon Crumpton, Mo National Guard, said, “There will be a varying array of missions that we might become involved with. Missions might include helping us set up Community based testing sites That the governor just mentioned, operation of those sites, providing interstate transportation of personnel and equipment for medical or testing support and logistical support to local and state authorities as needed.”

The Governor said he continues to evaluate decisions daily and for now is not ordering a statewide shutdown but continues to stress the importance of social distancing and staying home if possible.

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