Governor Mike Parson responds to a weekend of protests

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Covid-19 concerns leads to budget cuts in Missouri.

And Governor Mike Parson responds to a weekend of protests that included some violent turns.

Governor Parson said President Trump told Governors to take action against those who are breaking the law.

Gov Parson, said, “Right now we’ve got to find a common ground we got to figure out how do we change the future of the state and into the most part how do we change the future of this country because the path we’re going right now is not a win for anyone it is not a winnable path for any of us.”

The Governor said he supports protesters calling for justice and peace.

He also said there’s an element that’s seized on peaceful demonstrations to commit violent acts and is endangering lives, destroying communities and could drown out the voices of those seeking change.

Parson activated the National Guard over the weekend and was on a phone call with President Trump as the President addressed Governors across the country.

“He said that people needed to take the action and the resources they need to stop the looting and breaking in the private business, stealing, throwing rocks at police officers shooting people all this is what he was referring to was the criminal activity. He wasn’t talking about protesters that were law abiding protesters that was never what he was saying about that.”

The Governor also revealed additional cuts to the current budget will result in less money for several state agencies.

Covid-19 concerns have lead to declining state revenues.

K-12 funding will take a $131 million hit and the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development will see a $41 million cut.

House Minority Leader, Representative Crystal Quade released a statement blaming Republican tax cuts in recent years for leaving the state in a position where cuts are necessary.

The Governor has said the downturn due to covid-19 has been unprecedented and that his administration did set aside $100 million for unexpected circumstances.

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