Former Lamar and Labette County educator passes due to covid-19

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ks. — A former Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas Educator has passed away from covid-19.

Dennis Wilson served in both the Lamar and Labette County School Districts.

Guidance, love, and magic. Three things Dennis Wilson couldn’t live without.

Joanna Wilson, Wife of Dennis Wilson, said, “This is day five of quarantine and day five of widowhood for me. And we’re clicking them off one day at a time. But that’s hard because of the fact that I’m all here all by myself.”

His wife, Joanna, is reflecting on his life while she waits out quarantine. Wilson was a longtime teacher and superintendent.

He was passionate about magic.

And the first person who lost their life to covid-19 in Johnson County.

“At nine o’clock Sunday evening, he began to have shortness of breath and you know, as time went on there, he said, you know, I think it’s getting worse, and so about midnight we went to the ER and when he got to the ER, his oxygen level had dropped.”

He fought what he thought was a flu, but finally doctors found pneumonia.

Joanna took to Facebook, and says her angel — an Administrator at Adventhealth let her see her husband.

“I’m sure that he was extremely frightened and panicked in some of those moments when I wasn’t there. But I can only think that while I was there that we were together.”

David Sandy knew Wilson for years through their shared passion for magic.

David Sandy, said, “Magicians are notoriously tight knit because, you know, we have secrets and we only share with each other. And, there’s just a really strong bond in the magic community. And unfortunately, you know, we’ve lost a great, a great comrade.

Joanna says she will wait out quarantine, but it won’t keep her from putting a face to this deadly pandemic.

“By the grace of God, I, I will not get that this disease. I want to not be ill with it because I want to go on and talk about my husband,” said Wilson.

Joanna is planning a funeral in place of their 50th wedding anniversary.

She is hoping to have a large celebration for everyone who loved Dennis.

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