Downstream Casino and Resort reopens on a limited basis

Joplin Area Coronavirus

FOUR STATE AREA — You now have another option if you want to hit the slots this holiday weekend.

One the area’s largest entertainment venues is back open, on a limited basis.

Chris Currier, said, “Very glad, this needed to happen.”

Chris Currier and his wife drove all the way from Springfield to try their luck at Downstream Casino Resort as well as other gaming venues in the area.

“Going pretty good and yup, it’s a good thing, we gotta get things going again.”

And Chairman John Berrey couldn’t be happier to have their business.

John Berrey, Quapaw Tribal Chairman, said, “We brought back about 600 of the 900 we furloughed, when they were furloughed we paid their health insurance for them and I’ll tell you, people are excited to be back to work.”

Jani Cummings, General Manager, Downstream Casino Resort, said, “We also have an on sight clinic so we can test our team members for Covid which is a great, great opportunity for us, and we’ve made sure that masks are available for every guest that comes in the door if they did not bring one with them, all of my team members on the floor will wear masks during phase one, that’s mandatory, it’s not an option.”

“Removed 500 machines, either some are out of service or some have been removed from the floor, in our hotel we use every other floor, that way, when people go out, we use the alternate floor and we clean the whole floor, so we’re trying to think ahead and take precautions to make things clean,” said Berrey.

For now, valet parking, some restaurants and concerts are among the services and events that will be brought back at some time in the future, but exactly when is not yet known.

But if you were planning on making a night of it in the hotel, you’re too late.

“I only planned on a few floors for this weekend, but I had to add more, we’re full,” said Cummings.

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