Coronavirus leaving recovered patients with long term complications

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Even after a person recovers from the coronavirus, it doesn’t always mean the illness is done with them.

As if surviving the coronavirus itself isn’t hard enough on victims, it can leave some of them with long term complications.

Dr. John Venter is a Mercy Pulmonologist and says covid 19 patients that suffer from severe symptoms while they have it, are more likely to experience serious side effects afterwards.

In some cases leading to heart, kidney, muscular system damage and even potentially deadly clotting problems.

Dr. John Venter, Mercy Carthage Pulmonologist, said, “And that can cause blood clots in your lungs, blood clots in your extremities, as well as blood clots in your brain causing significant strokes.”

Generally, Venter says the sicker and older a patient is, the more likely they are to end up with more severe long term symptoms.

But he says even those that have a less serious case may still endure hardship.

“Some people will say well I lost uh probably a common more common thing for them say, ‘Well I lost my sense of taste and smell,’ okay and so that can take several weeks to a few months to get back.”

And if someone was fortunate enough to be asymptomatic, he says they are likely to stay that way after the virus runs it’s course.

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