Coronavirus causing shortage of used cars

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — The covid 19 pandemic has affected many area businesses and industries.

One of them is the cars, trucks and SUV industry.

If you’ve been to a used car lot lately, you’ve probably seen a lot more asphalt and a lot fewer vehicles, and yes, the coronavirus is the main culprit.

To make up for the lack of them, some dealers have had to resort to parking their cars, trucks and SUVs sideways instead front facing.

And it’s affected both small and large car lot owners.

Rick Brown, Dealer, General Manager, Roper Honda, said, “I’ve never seen a shortage like this before.”

Rick Brown is the General Manager at Roper Honda in Joplin and operates two separate used car lots.

He says the pandemic is a major factor because it caused plants that make new cars to shut down for three months.

And now they’re playing catch up.

“New car inventories are at an all time low, they’re just slowly now starting to build back up, the manufacturers where shut down due to the Covid 19, we have fleet and rental cars agencies that are now holding their cars an additional 15,000 miles or so.”

And Steven Gehrke, with Skyway Buick and GMC says as more new vehicles make it from the factory to the dealers, it should cause a domino effect that should help reverse the local as well as national shortage.

Steven Gehrke, Executive Manager, Skyway Buick, GMC, said, “Which is gonna drive a lot of the traffic on the used car market, people trading for the new cars, people coming in to deal with all that and there’s just no new cars right now.”

Another factor is people holding on to their cars longer now due to the economic hardship caused by the pandemic.

As a result, they’re putting off buying a new car for as long as possible.

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