City of Miami declares a state of emergency

Joplin Area Coronavirus

MIAMI, Okla. — The City of Miami declares an emergency proclamation to help combat coronavirus in northeast Oklahoma.

The proclamation goes into effect at 12 a.m. on Sunday and was approved in an emergency meeting with the council Saturday morning.

The ordinance that was passed approved the closure of some businesses.

All bars and restaurants will no longer be able to offer dine-in services.

However, they can offer pick-up and delivery.

Hair and nail salons must close.

However, grocery stores, convenience stories, food pantries and more will remain open.

Miami Mayor Rudy Schultz says after speaking with city leaders in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, they decided to quickly take action in response to COVID-19.

Schultz says, “They are five to seven days ahead of us to what I’m calling the infection curve. So, we are having the benefit of their experience. It’s really a peek into the future for us if you will, to see how they’ve dealt with it. The steps that they took, and the steps that they didn’t take that they wish they had taken.”

The city’s biggest priority is for locals to practice social distancing.

City leaders say the proclamation is expected to end April 15.

However, that may change depending on changes related to COVID-19.

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