Career Changes and Covid

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JOPLIN, Mo. — A lot of people have either been let go, or had their hours cut back drastically since the start of the pandemic.

And that has caused some to take their careers into their own hands.

The phrase, when one door closes another one opens, can apply to the world of business.

Unfortunately a lot of people have had them closed since the start of the pandemic.

Kenneth Surbrugg, SBDC Consultant, said, “Either they’re out of work or lost their job or they see an opportunity in the market that might be applicable for their skill set, what they’re willing to offer um or it could be a bump up in the unemployment insurance, $600 a week the Federal Government’s offering, they have a little change in their pocket now.”

Surbrugg says the economic downturn has had a definite impact on the number of people wanting to become their own boss.

“We run a “How to Start a Small Business, the First Steps” once a month, we just had one recently so we’ll have another one in July.”

That workshop has always been held here on the campus of Missouri Southern, but since the pandemic it’s conducted now on Zoom.

Not only has the number of people taking advantage of that workshop increased, he says some of them are joining in from as far away as Kansas City and St. Louis.

“Food service delivery is huge, and people may not want to drive so the opportunity of being like an Uber driver or something like that are also increasing, people looking at starting a restaurant, the question is, “Where’s your driver through going to be?” where as six months ago, nine months ago, a year ago whatever, that wasn’t as much as a consideration, but today, that is definitely one of the first questions that we ask.”

For more information on the organization as well as the workshop, follow the link below.

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