Area tech firm noting uptick in scams imitating health organizations

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — With scams going around, a local tech company is urging residents to use more caution.

SNC Squared has noticed an uptick in scam emails, where they mimic the CDC and other health organizations to steal private information.

They’re are asking people to click on a link to ensure a person is registered for a particular service so they can communicate with you.

SNC Squared CEO says it’s just best to disregard these emails completely.

John Motazedi, SNC2 CEO, said, “Anytime that you get an email that looks suspicious, just delete it. There’s no reason to actually click on it and some people say well I’ll open it on my phone, it’s safer. Do you really want to take that chance? It’s not that important.”

Motazedi adds to always fact check emails you’re unsure about with the actual website that’s listed.

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