Allen County Regional Hospital taking new measures to minimize contact with potential covid-19 patients

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ALLEN COUNTY, Ks. — Allen County Regional Hospital is taking new measures to minimize contact with potential covid-19 patients.

With Kansas reopening, the hospital resumed elective surgeries and other outpatient services and medical staff wanted to have patients tested prior to some of those services.

Due to the increase in testing, the hospital decided to purchase a ‘Cozy Covid Cabin’ to limit staff exposure and to keep everything contained to an area outside of the hospital.

Inside there is paperwork, testing kits, an area for patients to sit so they are comfortable during their swab.

Patty McGuffin, CNO, Allen County Regional Hospital, said, “The team decided to set up outpatient testing on the outside but with our elements, with living in Kansas, we wanted something that would be protected from the weather. So we tried a tent scenario, but the winds didn’t think that was a very good idea so the team developed an idea to get one of these cabins in so that the patients would have protection from the weather.”

McGuffin says the hospital tests 5 to 7 patients per day.

Allen county has not reported any cases of covid-19.

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