Health professionals learn adaptive sports to work with kids with disabilities



Pitt State is teaching health professionals the importance of using new techniques, like adaptive sports, to work with kids with disabilities.

A Fitness and Adapted Sport Training Workshop is being held the next two days on campus. Local professionals are focusing on ways to implement adaptive fitness activities like boxing, sitting volleyball, and wheel chair racing into their services. They are also getting resource books with protocols on how to perform the sports. In addition, special guests employees of the center in Tulsa will be the showcasing paralympics activities.

“I think it’s important to do out of the box approaches. Traditional physical activity can just become repetitive. Why not challenge different groups with these non-traditional activities such as boxing to a way to modify and adapt it to there level. So they can still participate in these different out of the box activities, but still have the opportunity to challenge themselves.”

Dr. Laura Covert Miller, PSU Associate Professor

Miller hopes next year they can expand the workshop, so health professionals can actually work with their patients to learn the exercises. In addition to expanding the age groups to working with seniors.

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