There may be unknown bacteria in your hot tub or shower, one of which could make you sick. 

Legionella is a germ that can cause a type of pneumonia. 

It is commonly found in warm, moist places like hot tubs, shower heads, or fountains. 

People over 50 years of age are more likely to get infected, along with smokers or people with weak immune systems.

Jillian Pollard / Joplin Health Department “If you use like a hot tub or showers, make sure that they look clean,” explained Jillian Pollard with the Joplin Health Department. “A hot tub, you can get your own pool strips and you can test the levels yourself, or you can ask for an inspection and see if they passed or how they did with their levels before.” 

Infections can usually be treated with antibiotics, but about one in ten cases are fatal.

Last year, there were 5 cases in Jasper County and 3 in Joplin, and 3 cases reported in Joplin so far this year.