Headed to the big game? Make sure to get legitimate tickets


JOPLIN, Mo. — Chiefs fans are getting excited to watch their team in the big championship game this Sunday.

If you just have to make the trip to Miami for the contest, make sure the tickets you get are legitimate and not a scam.

John Motazedi, SNC Squared, said, “It used to be that you’d just stand outside of the stadium and pay some fee and you have a pair of tickets. The challenge now is that it’s happening online on the internet and what you might be paying for may not be what you get.”

So John Motazedi with SNC Squared says do your homework before commit your cash.

That starts with what you pay.

“It’s interesting because the price on the ticket actual ticket, is different than the price you can get the ticket for.”

But where you buy your ticket is even more important.

“If you’re doing a search on Google to find cheap tickets be aware of who you may actually be visiting. Because many of the bad guys are actually just launching sites. And they’re doing nothing more than hitting a credit card, taking some sort of payment.”

He says to look for a trusted ticket seller with the secure lock icon in the upper corner.

And watch out for others offering a deal

“The newest scam is hey you can pay by credit card but we don’t want to pay that three percent credit card processing fee so if you pay us by a gift card or shopping card, then you won’t be hit by a fee and you’ll get a discount … that’s just the same scam we’ve always had it’s basically once that occurs you can’t even go back and get your money back.”

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