Hawley wraps up first year in Washington D.C.


MISSOURI — A Missouri Senator is wrapping up his first year in Washington D.C. – focusing on changes he’s helped to make and other goals still to come.

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley has sponsored 30 bills since taking office.

That ranges from lowering prescription drug prices to data security.

And the republican lawmaker is highlighting two of his measures which have already made it through the process.

Sen. Josh Hawley, MO-R, said, “We’ve had two bills enacted into law. Both of those protecting law enforcement giving them new resources to heal when they’ve experienced trauma and to get more first responders into the field when we have disasters.”

Hawley co-sponsored a bill just this week that takes aim at drug cartels.

It proposes immigration, financial, and criminal penalties that would be similar to those already imposed against foreign terrorist groups.

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