MIAMI, Ok. — Weaved into the rich history of one Northeast Oklahoma theater lies stories that just can’t be explained. From disembodied voices to strange sounds–many who have entered the theater have an experience.

For nearly 100 years the Coleman Theater in Miami has been the place where art and entertainment meet in Northeast Oklahoma.

Larry Irwin, Tour Guide, Coleman Theater, said, “When it opened, it was known as the most elegant theater between Kansas City and Dallas, Texas, it was a very successful theater. Many people predicted in a small mining town, it wouldn’t last. But it has never closed it’s doors.”

Through the years, plenty of artists have graced the stage–from Doris Day and Bing Crosby. But what stood here before the theater may explain some strange occurences.

“Miller Fribley Funeral Home which was just next door in the same building.”

And when the lights go off–spectators and employees alike have witnessed strange happenings in the building–some of which they’ve chalked up to being paranormal.

“When it came time to leave, I was out the door before anyone else was. Because I would hear, see, feel things but didn’t know how to explain them. Ya know, I didn’t really know what was going on. When someone said that’s just the ghost, that’s just the presence that’s here or something.”

Irwin says they’ve even caught a spirit on camera–in this photo he says that black spot is believed to be a ghostly apparitition. Employees even have a saying about working at the theater.

“You can not work here very long before you have a ghostly experience.”

The Coleman Theater joins many others across America with a paranormal history. And Irwin has a theory on why.

“I think human emotions, events, the energy that comes from all of it does imprint its self in the theaters.”

The Coleman Theater does offer guided ghost tours. And for those of us looking for some entertainment–they still offer plenty of shows

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