Harvest celebration takes Southeast Kansas community back in time to pioneer days


Kids and families head to the fairgrounds to learn about gas engines and pioneer farming.

The Pioneer Harvest Fiesta continued Friday in Fort Scott at the Bourbon County fairgrounds.There’s plenty for visitors to see and do, including a quilt show, wheat threshing, rock crushing, and corn husking.

This weekend-long event shows how people cooked, farmed, and made items during the pioneer days. And, on their field trips on Friday, students learned about this way of life.

“It tells me that it was a lot harder than it is today,” explained Service Valley student Owen Jackson. “They had to do not as much manual work, but it’s still a lot.”

“Where they smooth out another log that had dried for a year because that’s how long a log has to dry for it to be ready,” fourth grader Gianna Gorman added.

The Pioneer Harvest Fiesta runs through Sunday and will open Saturday at nine am.

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