Har-ber Village Museum Launches its 51st season


Visitors came out to see the Har-ber Village filled with unique antiques while also viewing the new additions — one of these includes the 2-mile nature trail that will be opening at the end of April. 
   The site will also soon launch the Har-ber Village Mining Company. 
   People will be able to come out and purchase mining ruff….a bag of sand filled with gemstones and arrowheads. 
   They will then go out to mining sleuths, sort through sand and find treasures. 
“We really enjoyed looking around at all the different exhibits and seeing the different things that have been collected to represent life years ago.” said Eunice Nickel, Har-ber Village Visitor

“It’s a beautiful setting we’ve got wildlife we’ve got all kinds of things people can see and experience as soon as you drive onto the grounds you just kind of breathe a sigh of relief because you can let all that stress go.” said Amelia Chamberlain, Executive Director Har-ber Village Museum

   Next week many local schools will be holding Spring Break, and  Har-ber Village will be holding special events. 
   They will be giving tours in their natural history room, and have craft activities for students to complete. 

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