Har-Ber Village holds one of the few pet-related events in Grove


Har-Ber Village community members learned more about their pets at Canine Days.

Residents were able to walk the trails with their dogs, and organizations like Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter and Second Chance Rescue of Grand Lake were there to talk about the great need for pet adoptions. 

Dog training specialist Katie Menard was also there, showing hands on demonstrations of how to keep your dog under control, while maintaining a good relationship with the animal.

Menard says, “I think that getting your dog out for socialization is really important, its good for their mentality. It’s good physically, get out and get some exercise. It’s also great for the people to get out and meet other dog lovers and just to kind of share a bond over your animals.” 

Menard adds there are not a lot of events in Grove geared towards pets, so supporting events like this are important. 

They are hoping the weather is better next year, so more people can come. 

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