Hank Rotten Junior says goodbye


For almost 10 years, Hank Rotten Junior has worked at KSN, but even longer — he’s worked around the community best known for his music and sense of humor.

Spending the last decade as a host on the KSN Morning Show, Hank Rotten Junior is putting up the mic and saying goodbye.

“I never dreamed I would get to do it. When Jim Jackson come up to me one day and said, ‘Hank we’d like to have you on the morning show.’ I said, ‘Jim, don’t be messing with me man.’ I’ve had, let’s see, 7 weather people that were on the show and four permanent anchors,” says Hank Rotten Junior.

What started out as a brief appearance from Hank, turned into a permanent spot on the show.

“I’ve always been lucky that I’ve got to be the light side of the show. I get to try to be funny and have a good time. Watch what you say. Be careful if your mic is on or off during break time,” says Hank.

“One time though, we got in a bind and I actually did a news story at the desk, a couple times, but not very often. It’s been great,” says Hank.

“So would you say news reporting or anchoring is your next calling?” I asked.

“I would not. I’m leaving the show. I still go up to Sturgess every year and work two weeks at the world’s largest motorcycle rally announcing and doing things. I still have my late night TV show for awhile that’ll be going on. I’m just not going to be on the morning show having something everyday I gotta go do,” Hank replied.

And with a career that spans from salesman to radio D.J. and to morning show host, Hank says he still can’t believe he did it all. 

“I’ve just been lucky to have this career that I never dreamed I would really get to have, and it’s been fun. I feel so fortunate. Thank you for making me Walmart famous,” says Hank.

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