Hair Salons feeling impact of virus


FORT SCOTT, Ks. — Typically, a trip to the hair salon is a nice, relaxing way to unwind. But–now–many question if they should even go.

Margo Davis, Owner, Structure by Margo Salon, said, “If the clients aren’t here you don’t make anything.”

Structure By Margo Salon in Fort Scott opened two weeks ago.

“We’re still working at it, but I think it’s looking pretty good.”

But the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus outbreak is impacting the new business.

The owner say clients are canceling.

“My first client this morning, she let me know that she couldn’t make it, due to the virus.”

And some don’t even call.

“We call it no-shows, basically they don’t call but they don’t show up.”

But for those who do show up, she has some new policies.

“Don’t come in big groups, just basically one or two and usually they just come with their children that are actually getting serviced.”

Davis has always practiced exceptional salon upkeep, but with cases of the coronavirus popping up, she’s more careful than ever.

“I use bleach water always. So I’m always spraying things down and wiping off the handles and the door handles as they come in and out. So everything gets bleached down.”

But even with the fears of the coronavirus in the air, she’s keeping her salon doors open for a reason.

“I’ve always enjoyed when I taught and so this is my way of giving back to the community.I want to help students that are fresh coming out of school with a job opportunity, to mentor, and help get started.”

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