Hackers try to get into our computer systems every day, here’s how to stay safe


JOPLIN, MO – It can’t be overstated enough. Ever minute of every day, hackers, across the globe, are trying to get into your computer system. But there are ways to fight back.

Whether it’s on the national level, like the Colonial Pipeline earlier this year, or closer to home, like the city of Joplin this week, hackers are always looking for ways into computer networks.

Sean Leas with SNC Squared says cyber attacks on small businesses can be devastating because they may not have the financial resources to overcome one, and he says if you think a small businessman makes you less likely to be hacked, he says think again.

He says having a cyber person, or team at a business or organization may not be enough protection to avoid being victimized.

He suggests you use the redundancy rule of 3, 2, 1.

“Three copies of your backup, that’s on two different medias, and one is what we call air gapped, where it’s offsite and inaccessible to your protection network, there’s a lot of cases where they try to attack is your backups, and so they’ll try and encrypt your backups or destroy them somehow.” Says Leas.

Even with those systems in place, he suggests one more level of protection to have, just in case.

“I think it’s an excellent idea.” Says Beth Bass, Don Gould Agency.

Yes, cyber liability is a thing.

Beth Bass says policies have been available for a few years now, and in some cases not having one isn’t an option.

“Have one client that’s asking for ten million dollars worth of cyber liability, that’s a little bit more pricey, and it depends upon his exposure, which he does have a low exposure because he’s not taking in personal data, so his exposure is very low, but the company he’s working for is requiring him to have the ten million dollar coverage.” Says Bass.

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