GROVE, Ok. — A piece of history now has a new home in Grove. A Phantom F-4 jet was unveiled in a ceremony this afternoon.

The installation sits next to Ferra Aerospace in the Grove Industrial Park. Supporters consider it the first step in an even bigger plan recognizing Vietnam era military service.

It attracted a big crowd, even including a former F-4 crew member.

Chuck DeBellvue, Former Crew Member, said, “When you go to war in your airplane – you fall in love with it. Especially if it’s an airplane like the F-4. And it does my heart good to be here.”

Lee Cathey, CMDR Am. Legion Post 178, said, “We have a lot of plans for building this area up with other Vietnam era things, wall of honor, and different things we’re going to do. We’re going to make this a Freedom Park.”

The American Legion Post 178 plans to collect donations for future development on the site.