GROVE, Ok. — Grove Upper Elementary School unveils a special device to motivate students to read.

London Gentry, Student Grove Public Schools, said, “We saw this big box outside of our classroom we kind of just were amazed that they would get us something like that.”

London Gentry a student at Grove Upper Elementary is one of many excited to turn the page of her first book out of the newly unveiled book vending machine.

Miranda Ward, Grove Public Schools Librarian, said, “It’s not just about checking in and checking out books its about creating a love for reading.”

And Grove Upper Elementary School is working to promote that with its new device.

Its not like a typical vending machine that is used for people to satisfy their cravings.

But instead, its to help students satisfy their need to read.

“Students can earn tokens by going above and beyond having good character traits maybe completing a book challenge,” said Ward.

They can then put a token in the machine and select a book.

Students will be able to keep the book free of charge.

“We are the only ones in Northeast Oklahoma with a book vending machine. They get to pick their book they get to take it home they get to add it to their libraries or creating their own home library and they get to share it with their family.

It’s all possible from a nearly $5,000 grant from the Grove Educational Foundation For Excellence.

Kaylyn Beauchamp, GEFFE Representative, said, “It was something new and different we are always looking for something that challenges education and a different way to approach a necessary ingredient in schools.”

“Think its really neat I’ve never seen something like it before. you can definitely get more books and expand your love for books,” said Gentry

Ward hopes the book vending machines can go beyond just benefiting the upper elementary students.

She hopes that it can also go into other schools and eventually help the entire district.