Grove implementing restrictions on dispensaries


GROVE, Ok. — Medical marijuana facilities in Grove can no longer open businesses downtown.

Last night the city of Grove approved an ordinance amending zoning classifications for dispensaries.

The council removed the Downtown Commercial District as an area for operating marijuana facilities.

However, they can open the sites in select other commercial zones in the community.

This change comes after legislation, was passed by the state legislature last year.

There are two medical marijuana dispensaries downtown operating currently.

Bill Keefer, Grove City Manager, said,”They will be considered a non conforming use and they will be grandfathered in there. They do not have to close their doors and leave they are there. As long as that property that is used as such as a medical marijuana dispensary it can continue to exist in that zoning district.”

Keefer’s hope during the 2020 legislative session is that the medical marijuana industry continues to be fine tuned by state leaders to better help guide cities.

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