JOPLIN, Mo. — A group of retired veterans is raising money for a recovery mission.

Patriot Mountain is working with Aerial Recovery Group to rescue Americans and allies from Afghanistan. The organization is working with other groups to bring as many Americans and allies to safety.

“We are going to continue the mission until everyone gets home,” said Boone Cutler, Team Member With Patriot Mountain.

Patriot Mountain is a group of retired veterans. They are working with aerial recovery group for Operation Flying to Freedom to get as many Americans and allies out of Afghanistan.

“We’ve got things set up. And we are going to be pulling people out of Afghanistan that are our people and our allies. And of course if we run across people that are in dire need and imminent danger we are going to help those people too. We are humanitarians, it’s what we care about,” said Cutler.

He says their reports are showing there are roughly eleven hundred and four thousand people that want to leave Afghanistan.

They are looking to raise ten million dollars, which will go towards the fuel costs of bringing people home.

“We’ve got to make this happen really quickly. We do not have a lot of time. Time is of the essence,” said Cutler.

Henkle’s Ace Hardware in Webb City and Joplin will be accepting donations to help.

The owners say this cause is close to their heart.

“We have a family member that is involved and has been deployed to multiple middle eastern countries,” said Cris Henkle, Henkle’s Ace Hardware Owner.

“That family member is close to us. And when we hear his story. And then we have veterans working here in the store. It’s just an emotional issue for everybody in the area. I think everyone in the country. It just pulls at your heartstrings,” said Henkle.

Starting Tuesday, Henkle’s Ace Hardware will be asking customers to round their totals up at both locations.

“We wanted a way other than just liking or putting a sad emoji on Facebook that we could just get involved,” said Henkle.

Henkle’s Ace Hardware will be accepting donations until Patriot Mountain rescue missions are done.

To donate to the organization, click here.