Ground broken on Cornell Complex


JOPLIN, Mo. — If you happened to be in downtown Joplin Monday around one o’clock and noticed a large aggregation of people at Memorial Hall – they were there for a good reason. Ground – was officially broken on that multi-million dollar Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex. Work on this project – has been flourishing the past few years.

It’s actually something that’s been in the works since 2009. Fundraising efforts have brought in 93% of the total amount needed to build the $17.5 million facility. Clifford Wert is the President and C.F.O. of Connect2Culture, and says he’s hoping a new matching grant program will bring in enough money to help make up the remaining amount.

Clifford Wert, President/CFO Connect2Culture, said, “And those would be in the amounts of a minimum of $2,500 up to $12,500, so with the match, they will be on the donor wall and they’ll be able to have the potential for a naming opportunity up to $25,000.”

Sharon Beshore, President, Cornell Arts & Entertainment, said, “We really don’t have any venues like this in Joplin, and to have the Visual & Performing Arts Center together is very special and unusual in a community.”

Wert also told us only people who haven’t already contributed to the project qualify for the match. Construction is scheduled to be complete by the fall of 2022.

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