GRDA works to increase resident safety


The Grand River Dam Authority is working to increase resident safety in the Grand Lake area.

A shoreline stabilization project is underway below the GRDA’s ecosystems and education center in Langley. GRDA’s Justin Alberty says they will be making repairs following flooding they endured in the spring of 2017. This flooding caused erosion along the bank and the area where a courtesy dock ties into the shore.

“So what our guys are doing, they are going in there working on that, they are going to build it back up with some rocks, some limestone, some smaller limestone to kinda build up the slope. Then we’ll go back in above that with some large rip rapt in there it will be much more stable in the future,” says Justin Alberty.

Alberty says the courtesy dock gets a lot of use.

“A lot of boats use it of course a lot of people like to go down there and fish,” says Justin Alberty.

However, Alberty says it’s not just a safety concern.

“But just the scenery and the aesthetic beauty of the lake and just the habitat as well,” says Alberty.

Alberty says the shoreline improvements will help the natural habitat to continue to be preserved which coincides with their mission of preserving ecosystems locally.

“Just to be able to ensure we don’t see this in the future in this area as we go forward if we have any other flood waters when the water comes up we don’t want to move more of this ground here,” says Alberty.

Alberti adds construction is expected to be complete by the end of November and the courtesy dock will re-open when it is finished.

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