Grass clippings a danger to those on two wheels


JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s Spring and that means more people are out enjoying some time on their on motorcycles, while others are mowing their lawns.

See how the two seemingly unrelated activities actually have a lot to do with each other.

With rain showers already causing slippery road conditions for bikers, clips of grass on the road can be equally hazardous. That’s why Harley Davidson Sales Manager says people need to be extra cautious when mowing their lawn.

Dale Wano – Harley Davidson Sales Manager, said, “Anything that takes away traction on a motorcycle can make the ride go from fun to dangerous really fast. So, whenever you mow you just want to make sure those clippings don’t go out into the road, because while it might not effect a car, it can effect a motorcycle really fast.”

Motorcycle safety doesn’t stop at people being careful about mowing their lawn, it takes a group effort from everyone in the community.

“They’re a little bit harder to see, so we want people to be aware of looking out for motorcycles, so it will be a safe ride for everybody.”

To help keep bikers safe on the road, owner of T.C. Lawn and Landscaping says it’s important to keep an eye on the weather.

Taylor Chapman – TC Lawn And Landscaping Owner, said, “We always look at what our wind direction is. You know, which direction it’s blowing, we tend to take that into account whenever which way we’re mowing for whether the grass is going to go out into the street.”

But Chapman admits mistakes do happen and you just have to own up to them.

“If you do it, you know on accident, or whatever, just try and blow it off or sweep it off or whatever the case is quick as you could. You know things like that are going to happen and everybody understands.”

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