Granby Volunteer Group celebrates one year of giving back to the community


GRANBY, Mo. – A volunteer group is celebrating its one year anniversary this month.

Founder Reggie Bard started the Granby Volunteer Group as a way to give back to the community. And as she pioneered the organization, like-minded residents joined her. Granby residents have also stepped up to beautify their city, including sponsoring planters on Main Street. And the group has been very busy during its first year of operation.

“We’ve cleaned up intersections, trimmed back trees, hauled off trash, we did a tire clean up earlier this year, so it’s really kind of grown and snowballed over the last year and what we’re doing is amazing.”

Reggie Bard/Granby Volunteer Group Founding Member

When looking toward next year, Granby Volunteer Group members hope to respond to more personal requests and increase membership.

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