Granby residents donate their time to help out their neighbors


Granby residents donate their time and lawn mowers to help fellow neighbors.

“It was a need that I saw in the community,” says Reggie Bard, Granby Volunteer Group Founder.

The Granby Volunteer Group is made up of ten local residents who do clean-up work for the elderly and disabled residents around the community.

“Our little bedroom city has a lot of properties that need mowed, trees need to be cut, a lot of trimming needs to be done and it begins to look a little shaggy and kind of ratty around the edges,” says Reggie Bard.

But this wasn’t originally what Bard had intended on doing when moving to Granby just three years ago.

“A dear friend of mine, an elderly lady had been doing judging for a beauty spot of the month and she recently lost her husband and kind of wanted to do some traveling and not have that obligation. So the Mayor approached me and asked me if I would be interested in taking it over and I agreed,” says Bard.

When Bard transitioned this contest from a written ballot to an online platform, the comments people made really stuck with her.

“Got some comments about okay we’re doing recognition for pretty yards, what are we going to do about the ratty yards? And so that was the brainstorm,” says Bard.

Both Bard and the members of this group have thoroughly enjoyed the service work that they’ve completed in just these few short months.

“It just gives me that sense of gratitude that I’m doing something that’s right and not only benefit me down the road, but benefit other people,” says Caleb Hatfield.

“They’re coming out of the woodwork and it’s just … I’m getting to meet new people, we’re getting to help people that I don’t know that I now know, and it’s a blessing to me to be able to provide a service like that for these people,” says Reggie Bard.

Even though they are a small organization, they already have a few projects lined up.

“Well our next project is well we have three elderly ladies who live just down the street from me. They have a hard time trying to keep up with their mowing and with all the recent rain it’s really kind of gotten out of hand. So she contacted me yesterday and wanted to know if our group could come down and just do her backyard,” says Bard.

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